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Paper Recycling Services for Printers


Print Shop Waste Purchase Programs

Greenstar handles more than 175,000 tons of recyclable paper per year. As one of the nation's leading paper recyclers, we strive to earn printers the highest revenue from their paper waste. We service printers in more than 40 states and Mexico and this extensive network enables us to better understand your needs and dramatically improve your waste paper revenue.

Cashless Equipment Purchase Program

We understand that printers have unique space constraints and operating needs. Greenstar creates opportunities for new equipment for printers through our Cashless Equipment Program. Printers can acquire print or waste handling equipment with no out-of-pocket costs. The process is simple; we provide the required equipment and amortize it through the value of your waste. Greenstar is pleased to provide the credit that will help your plant operate more efficiently.

Waste Review

At no cost to you, Greenstar will visit your facility to look for waste handling improvements and provide projected scrap revenues. After the review, we will provide a detailed report and develop recycling recommendations that will help add to your bottom line. The process of getting set-up is simple; contact us to arrange for your complimentary waste review.

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