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What We Do: Avoid Landfills, Cut Costs, Full Transparency

1.  Case Study:  Large Health Care Provider with 7 Hospitals and 34 Facilities

Need:  Better management of their waste and recycling program in their central Florida assets to drive cost savings and increase diversion and recycling revenue.

Formerly managed by:  Large national hauler.

Results:  Took total program spend of over $1 million and cut costs by almost 40%.  Read More>

2.  Case Study:  Midwest Retailer with 470 Locations Managed by Greenstar

Need:  Establish benchmarks for landfill avoidance across the brand, cut costs, ensure stock-room process compliance.

Formerly managed by: Paper mill company.

Results:  Greenstar gathered all the data from the local trash and recycling vendors, determined the 'landfill avoidance baseline' by store, district, and region, and worked with the individual stores to ensure compliance with written processes. We increased landfill avoidance by over 15 percentage points in 12 months.

3.  Case Study:  Large National Bank with 1,300 Locations Managed by Greenstar

Need:  Implement waste and recycling services at small and large retail banks or data centers, with fewer than 15 employees and as many as 500+.

Formerly managed by: National garbage hauler.

Results: Within 60 days of the onset of this program, Greenstar had successfully implemented a more efficient waste  and recycling program for over 1,000 locations throughout the US.  This immediately resulted in a  decreased in the overall waste expense and increased the recycle diversion rate.

4.  Case Study:  Large Retailer with over 1,200 Locations Managed by Greenstar since 2004

Need:  Cost reduction, reporting, scalable program, increased recycling.

Formerly managed by: Regional garbage broker.

Results:  Trash expenses of over $5 million per year decreased over 60% in the first two years and costs have continued to decrease. Goal is now 'zero-net cost', online and ad-hoc reports in place for several years, supported installation of over 700 balers and implementation of a back-haul program, recycling income now over $2 million per year.

5.  Case Study: Specialty Retailer with 150 Locations Managed by Greenstar (U.S. and Canada)

Need:  Transparency, custom reporting including online.

Formerly managed by:  Large garbage broker.

Results:  Greenstar began service with less than three weeks notice and provided full transparency on the first day of service.

6.  Case Study:  Regional Retailer with 300 Locations

Need:  Cost reduction, reporting, increased recycling.

Formerly managed by:  National garbage hauler.

Results: Recycling program enhanced at all distribution centers and costs reduced 22% in the first year,

7.  Case Study:  Large Home-Improvement Retailer with 250 Locations Managed by Greenstar

Need:  Increase recycling, initiate landfill-avoidance program, scalability, transparency.

Formerly managed by:  Regional garbage broker.

Results:  Initiated 'junk' recycling to include lawn equipment, grills, and other metal waste, full online suite of reports available on first day of service. Implemented appliance recycling producing net income for all stores.

8.  Case Study:  Health Care Provider with 80 Locations

Need:  Cut administrative, procurement and compliance costs, reduce trash expense, implement recycling.

Formerly managed by:  Self-managed.

Results:  Greenstar inherited numerous local hauler contracts and transitioned them to a single contract approved by the client, reducing trash expenses 15% in the first year.

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