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Pennsylvania Recycle Bowl Winners

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Keep America Beautiful, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful and Greenstar Recycling Announce Pennsylvania School Recycling Winners

Greensburg, PA (February 9, 2012) – Keep America Beautiful, Inc., the nation’s largest volunteer‐based community action and education organization, have announced the Pennsylvania winners of “Recycle‐Bowl,” the first comprehensive nationwide recycling competition for elementary, middle, and high‐school students.

From Oct. 17 through Nov. 12, 2011, participating schools recycled as much as possible. The total amount of school only recyclables recovered during the 2011 competition added up to 2,088,000 pounds, which in turn prevented the release of nearly 990 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2E). In real‐world terms, this reduction in greenhouse gases is equivalent to the annual emissions from 154 passenger cars; 191,998 gallons of gas; or nearly 7.4 million gallons of water.

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful and Greenstar Recycling will be awarding $500 at special award ceremonies to the four Recycle‐Bowl runner‐up schools in Pennsylvania. The four schools are Stroudsburg Middle School (26 pounds), Monroe County, Greenfield School (18 pounds), Philadelphia County, Mill Hall Elementary (16 pounds), Clinton County, and Phillipsburg‐Osceola Area Senior High School (10 pounds), Centre County.

“Greenstar is proud to be associated with Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful and Recycle‐Bowl. The competition is a great way to highlight that recycling is one of the best, most cost effective ways to conserve our natural resources and reduce carbon emissions. Healthy behavior changes in families often starts with the children,” said Matt Delnick, CEO of Greenstar Recycling. “Congratulations to all of the participants – recycle and everybody wins.”

Recycle‐Bowl By The Numbers:
     • 1,223 schools registered – 1% of all U.S. public and private schools.
     • More than 500,000 students participated in the competition.
     • On average, 5.32 lbs of material was collected per person in the school versus school division.
     • 67% of schools saw “significant” or “some” increase in the amount of material recycled.
     • 2% of schools started a recycling program because of Recycle‐Bowl.

If all students in America recycled at the rate of this year’s Recycle‐Bowl competitors, approximately 1.8 million tons of material would be diverted annually from landfills. That would be the weight of 156,000 school buses!

A full list of statewide winners can be found at www.Recycle‐

For information about the Recycle‐Bowl competition, visit www.recycle‐ To sign‐up to receive updates for next year’s competition, visit‐BInterest.

About Keep America Beautiful
Keep America Beautiful, Inc., established in 1953, is the nation's largest volunteer‐based community action and education organization. This national nonprofit forms public‐private partnerships and programs that engage individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their community environments. For additional information, visit

About Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful
Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’s mission is empowering Pennsylvanians to make our communities clean and beautiful. Since 1990, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful and its volunteers have removed over 87 million pounds of litter from Pennsylvania’s roadways, greenways, parks, forests, and waterways. To learn more about Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, visit

About Greenstar Recycling
As a leader in single stream recycling, Greenstar Recycling’s advanced capabilities provide both municipal and commercial recycling partners the convenience of being able to place all of their recyclables into a single container, which will then be sorted and processed at our facility. In addition to eliminating time spent separating commodities, it also reduces the cost of collection overall. To learn more about Greenstar Recycling, visit

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