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Green Your Halloween

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10 Tips to Green Your Halloween

Make the other ghosts and goblins green with envy by saving time, money, and the environment with Greenstar’s 10 tips to green your Halloween!

  1. Close the Loop- Purchase items made of recycled materials (or has packaging made of recycled materials) and avoid sweet treats individually wrapped in plastic packaging.
  2. Think Ahead- Look to purchase items that can be recycled after use.  By anticipating recycling, you can eliminate unnecessary waste.
  3. Buy Smart- Seek out decorations and costumes that can be used again in the future.  For example, make your costume out of clothing items that you   can wear later as opposed to disposable costumes made of plastic.
  4. Be Resourceful- Find and use items that you already own.  This will help to cut down on costs while giving a new purpose to seldom-used items.  Creating your own decorations can be a fun and less expensive way to enjoy this year’s fright night!
  5. Pair Up – Not only do you want your children to trick or treat in pairs, but to ensure your recycling effectiveness, pair a recycling bin with each trash can.
  6. Make a Trade- Trade outgrown or used costumes to others who may be able to use them.  You may also get a cool, new costume in return!
  7. Eliminate Waste- Find innovative uses for every part of your purchases.  For example, bake the seeds from your Jack-O-Lantern for a healthy snack.  This will satisfy your taste buds and your conscience!
  8. Give the Green Light- Eliminate unnecessary packaging and wasted batteries by buying in bulk and using rechargeable batteries in all of your Halloween decorations and devices.
  9. Stay Local- Walking to your nearby trick-or-treating area prevents unnecessary emissions.  If travel is necessary, carpooling and public transportation are great ways to conserve!  Also, buying your sweet treats from a local farmers market will make your give-a-ways unique and environmentally friendly.
  10. Follow Through- Make sure to follow through with your recycling resolution!  Each item you recycle means one less item going to landfills. Save our earth so we can enjoy many more Halloweens!

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