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10 Green Thanksgiving Tips

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10 Ways to Green Your Thanksgiving

Happy holidays from our Greenstar family to you!  Amid all of your holiday cooking, cleaning, and traveling, here are a few tips to help make your Thanksgiving a green one! 

  1. The Daily Dish - Reusable (or recyclable/compostable) dishes and utensils not only look good, they are also great for the environment!  Also, cut down on water use by only running the dishwasher when it is completely full of your fine china!
  2. Recycle - Recycling one aluminum can will save enough energy to power your television for 3 hours and helps to feed your football appetite!  Upsizing your recycling bin and downsizing trash cans is a great way to encourage recycling at home.
  3. Buy Local (or grow your own) - The pilgrims did it, so can we!  Don’t have a green thumb?  Check out your local farmer’s market for fresh and locally grown produce.
  4. Cook What You Need - Kick the “bigger is better” tradition and reduce your feast to include just a few family favorites.  Consuming less will help you reduce your grocery bill, environmental impact, and pant size!
  5. Green Cleaning - Disposable bottles filled with toxic solutions are a thing of the past.  Recycle those old bottles and use reusable bottles full of environmentally friendly cleaning solution instead!
  6. Reuse - Channel your inner child and make your decorations from items that you already own.  This is a fun and waste-free family activity.  How long has it been since you traced your hand to make a turkey?
  7. Compost - Dispose of your table scraps by creating a compost pile.  Compost is a great resource for your garden!
  8. Donate - Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks and giving back.  In that spirit, donate any unused items to a local charity and help those in need.
  9. Travel Green - Cut costs and save energy by turning down your thermostat and unplugging any unnecessary electronics or appliances during your time away from home.
  10. Shop Green - Reusable shopping bags, carpooling, and purchasing items made of recycled materials are a few quick ways to turn your “Black Friday” green!


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