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Eamonn Medley - Senior VP, Operations

About Us

Eamonn Medley is Senior Vice President of Operations at Greenstar Recycling.  In his current role, Eamonn oversees the operation of Greenstar’s 15 processing facilities and the Greenstar safety team.  

Previously, Eamonn was an Executive Director of Greenstar Holdings Ltd. in Ireland responsible for Operations and Business Development. While at Greenstar Ireland, Eamonn led the development of waste processing programs and was involved in acquisitions, Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) projects, market research, industrial engineering and financial programs. He was also responsible for new market developments, new technology evaluation, selection & implementation and engineering project management in the areas of materials recycling, waste separation, mechanical and biological treatment of waste and waste to energy.

Prior to joining Greenstar, Eamonn worked as an independent consultant in new product development, marketing, materials, ERP, quality management, process engineering and product engineering.

Eamonn holds an Engineering degree and Masters in Science from the University of Limerick and a Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Governance from University College Dublin.

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